On-Site Massage

Free Demo Massage

We want you to experience the benefits of on-site massage first hand.  We will come to your company and give you a free introduction to Sulis Massage.

To book your free trial massage contact John on 07930 816145 or e-mail info@sulismassage.co.uk



On-Site Massage helps to:

The ideal antidote to stress and tension in the workplace.

On-site massage is ideal for the office or your special event.  It is carried out while you are fully clothed and sitting in a specially designed ergonomic chair.  Treatments take from 5 - 30 minutes, so can be easily fitted into your working day, benefiting you by leaving staff less stressed and more productive.

Minimum disruption to the work routine with no messy oils.

Immediate relief from upper body tension.  It's great for office workers using computers and phones

Short treatments of up to 20 minutes can be highly effective.

Reduces stress and boosts morale, leading to greater productivity.

Sulis Massage 07930 816145   info@sulismassage.co.uk

07930 816 145


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